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We come to care deeply about the characters Clooney and Bullock play because they are not just a couple of stereotypical astronauts spouting cliched dialogue. They are flesh and blood human beings with needs and desires, and they need each other to get to safety. Seeing them tumble through space will make you appreciate the brakes you have on your car. Clooney rarely (if ever) lets us down as an actor, and he is perfectly cast as the veteran astronaut Matt Kowalski. He is very believable in this role and you immediately get the sense that Matt has been to outer space countless times without having to point it out. From start to finish, Clooney is the calm center in the middle of the storm and gives the movie the positive energy it needs. Even as things get worse, he gives Dr. Stone a reason to keep on going. But when all is said and done, Gravity really belongs to Bullock. She may still wonder if she deserved her Oscar for The Blind Side, but after watching her here, its clear that she did and she may be getting another one come next March. Bullock gives the performance of her life as she reveals her characters inner struggles that illustrate how theres more going on with her than just trying to stay alive.

A record 76 foreign-language Oscar submissions point to heated race

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The player itself is made in the US and is rack-mountable. The separate fingerprint scanner (you read that right), has a die-cast aluminum chassis. The player connects to your display via HDMI. Movies are automatically downloaded, but you only pay for the movies you watch. Prima claims better than Blu-ray quality and twice the sharpness of Blu-ray which is a bit of a stretch, seeing as the resolution is 1080p/24 (same as Blu-ray). The encoded bit rate is twice that of Blu-ray (less compression ) and there are more bits per color . So presuming your equipment can handle the latter, it should be a little better than BD. That said,even if it looks the same as Blu-ray, thats still excellent. Currently, Universal Pictures, Focus Features, Magnolia Pictures Millennium and Cinedigm offer movies on Prima. If other services are any indication (like Netflix Netflix , iTunes, Google Google Play and etc.), expect to see more studios sign on if Prima does well. Cost(s) If youre expecting the Prima Cinema to be expensive, youd be right. Just the hardware is $35,000.

‘Gravity’ Thrills You Like Few Movies Can (Video)

The director of “The Lunchbox,” Ritesh Batra, set off some controversy when he publicly complained about being passed over in favor of the lesser-known “The Good Road” and was subsequently forced to apologize. Other high-profile titles are not in the race because they did not meet certain academy rules. For instance, the French film “Blue Is the Warmest Color” which won the Cannes Film Festival ‘s top prize this year (just as “Amour” did last year) missed the academy’s cutoff for eligibility because it did not open in French theaters before the end of September. PHOTOS: Celebrities by The Times The film will be eligible next year. Yet even if “Blue” had been released in time, whether it would have been chosen by the French delegation, which ultimately submitted “Renoir,” is another matter. Such vagaries can be frustrating for U.S. distributors who handle foreign titles and hope their inclusion in the Oscar race can lure in audiences. “This happens every year. This is how ridiculous the system is and how flawed it is,” said Jonathan Sehring, president of Sundance Selects/IFC Films, who is releasing both “Blue” and “Like Father, Like Son.” “There is something wrong with it,” added Sehring, “and it’s almost an embarrassment to the academy that the Golden Globes this year, I guarantee you that their lineup of what qualifies for best foreign-language film is going to be much more representative than the academy.” Even with a few notable omissions, there will still be plenty of movies to watch out for. Sony Pictures Classics has released the winner the last four years running and this year has two competitive titles. One is “Wadjda,” which is the first movie submitted by Saudi Arabia (which has no commercial theaters) and whose campaign could benefit from its powerful back story of how female director Haifaa Mansour came to make the film. It also has the Iranian submission “The Past,” a French-set, mostly French-language story made by Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi, whose previous film, “A Separation,” won the foreign-language Oscar in 2012. “I think the process of selection for the foreign-language film category, it has gotten better and better,” said Michael Barker, co-president of Sony Pictures Classics. “But still something happens at every stage, whether it’s the country selection or the shortlist or the final five where you go, ‘How did that happen?'” PHOTOS: Movie Sneaks 2013 Besides Saudi Arabia, Moldova submitted for the first time, and Montenegro, formerly part of Yugoslavia, entered for the first time as an independent country. The submitted films will next be screened by members of the academy’s foreign language committee, broken into a number of smaller groups.